Saturday 25th July 2015 - Married for 1777 days


Our Honeymoon:

We are lucky enough to have our beautiful venue for a week which will be a fantastic break. We'll be there until Weds morning (29th). Please feel free to drop by if you're staying locally.

On Wednesday morning we fly into Italy for a few nights of relaxation (and hopefully sunshine!) at Lake Como.

Before we return to reality we will spend a night in Dormy House Hotel & Spa near Broadway on our way home.


We've been to one or two weddings (!) and genuinely appreciate how expensive they can be, especially when you're travelling to a different country.

Please do not feel you need to buy us a gift. We have our own lovely home and have everything we need (apart from maybe another puppy and a winning lottery ticket!). Some people have been asking about gifts so we have decided on two suggestions in case you would like to do something.

1. Kuoni gift list for contributions to our stay in Lake Como (gift list number 30837)

2. A website where you can buy "experiences" on our honeymoon such as waterskiing, cocktails by the lake or a spa treatment