Saturday 25th July 2015 - Married for 1777 days

Transport & Travel

Please visit the venue website for more information on travel and transport options.

When you arrive at the venue, there will be signs directing you to an area for car parking. Please come through the main courtyard and make your way to the walled parc.

Carraiges 2am onwards: Unfortuanately the mini bus option for Saturday night is no longer available. Our venue have advised that people pre-book a taxi either before you travel to France or when you arrive at your accommodation. The remote location means you won't get a taxi if you just call that evening so definitely needs to be done in advance of Saturday. We’re told French taxis are a similar price to UK. Really sorry we can't organise this for you but we tried our best! There is still the option of camping if you're worried about getting back, just let us know in advance if you want to do that. There is plenty of space to leave your car at the venue overnight. They have also told us that most local accommodation places might even pick you up themselves for a fee rather than getting a taxi. There are three local taxi numbers below but many people are staying in places that will also have their own local taxis. There isn’t a venue curfew so feel free to leave as late as you like.

There is also space at the venue if you want to camp or bring a camper van - just let us know in advance.

Patrice Fenouillat, Barbezieux
Tel: 0545 78 24 32 (Home) Mob: 06 67 04 89 63

Taxi Barbezieux Tel: 0545 78 09 42 Mob: 06 64 67 20 01

Taxis Girard Jean-Marc, Segonzac Tel: 0545 83 44 62 (this is an 8 seater)

Car Hire - Hopefully anyone hiring a car is already aware of the change in legislation around driving licences. If you're not, here is the link with a step by step guide on what you need to do. You basically need to log on and create a code to give to the hire car company. It's only just gone live and looks a little chaotic at the moment so might be best to check with your car hire provider too.